Michael G. May

Mike May has been a pioneer in new product and business development since 1980. He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency as a Political Risk Analyst, for the Bank of California in automating wire transfers and cash machines and for TRW starting a new business area. Mike's start-up ventures have included developing the world's first and only Laser Turntable, inventing a portable heating cushion for sports and medical applications and starting up 2 companies in adaptive technology for the blind. He founded the Sendero Group to make location information accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired in 1999. Sendero invented the first accessible GPS for the blind which it continues to improve and distribute worldwide.

Mike May has a Masters' degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has been a visiting scholar and spoken on electronic navigation for the blind at countless conferences. He has served on numerous boards and is currently on the board of the Seeing Eye. Mike holds the downhill speed skiing record for a totally blind person of 65 miles per hour, one arena where he says there is no room for navigation technology.

Mike has met 4 presidents. Vice-President Gore said at the White House in 1996, "it won't be long before we see Mike and others wearing GPS devices on their wrists." A book based on Mike May's life, Crashing Through, by best selling author, Robert Kurson, was released in May 2007 and a movie by Fox 2000 is in the works. Most recently, Mike May met with President Obama and several of his cabinet members at the White House. He was also a member of the White House delegation to the 2010 Paralympics and has been inducted into the US Association of the Blind Hall of Fame.

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