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"It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive."

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Join Sendero and Sweetman Systems at CSUN 2015 in San Diego, March 3 - March 7

What's new with Sendero:

X-Prize Brainstorming Sessions: Join a product development brainstorming session.

Have you ever thought about what blindness accessibility problem you would address if you had one million dollars? What accessibility challenges have just not been addressed yet? Could it be crossing complex intersections, determining the status of signal lights, shopping independently or having a low cost Braille display? What do you find is the biggest pain for a blind person? We are not necessarily looking for the solutions but for the issues of greatest value and difficulty.

Sendero Group and Sweetman Systems are hosting two private brainstorming meetings to hear what you think. The two times are: Thursday at 10:00AM and Friday at 2:20 PM. Please indicate your availability and details in the form below. Space is limited, so we will email you with a confirmation.

  • We will be demonstrating Sendero GPS products, including The Seeing Eye GPS, in the Sendero Suite.
  • We will be updating 2015 maps in the suite upon request.
  • Remember to download the free People Finder application and leave it open on your iPhone to find others using the app in your immediate vicinity.

Sendero Activities Include:

  • X-Prize Brainstorming Session in Harbor Suite 733 - March 5, 10:00 AM and March 6 at 2:20 PM. Must RSVP and receive confirmation.
  • CSUN Presentation by Mike May and Craig Phillips: Environmental Literacy: GPS for Visually Impaired Travelers in Cortez Hill A room, 3rd floor, Seaport Tower - Thursday March 5, 3:20 PM, CSUN Session ID: IND-039
  • Share your Favorite iPhone App in Harbor Suite 733 - March 5, 1:20 PM. Must RSVP.
  • Late Night Impromptu Tech Talk and Libations in Harbor Suite 733, Wednesday and Thursday around 10:00PM
  • All Things Accessible Navigation: Seeing Eye GPS and more in Harbor Suite 733 - March 6, 10:00AM. Must RSVP.
  • Sendero and Sweetman's party in Harbor Suite 733 - Friday, March 6, 5:00PM

Please fill out the following form to indicate your interest in the Sendero activities. Once we process your submission, we will confirm your Suite meeting place and time.

* Your Name:
* Your Email Address:
* Cell Phone Number:
Your Title:

Please select session time(s) that you are able to attend. If you are available for more than one, check all that apply.

Select Sendero Private Session

Thursday, 10:00 - 11:00 AM, X-Prize Brainstorming Session #1
Thursday, 1:20 - 2:20 PM, Share Your Favorite iPhone app
Friday, 10:00 - 11:00 AM, All Things Accessible Navigation
Friday, 2:20 - 3:20 PM, X-Prize Brainstorming Session #2
Friday, 5:00 PM, Sendero and Sweetman's party

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