Announcing the release of version 3.4 of Sendero's iPhone GPS apps:

May 28, 2018

While this release brings multiple bug fixes for the LookAround mode, it also brings some sad news. We have been using the Google Maps and POIs without limitation for over four years now. This has been a great gift from Google, one which we have come to count on. However, Google recently announced a price change effective June 11, that caused us to remove Google POIs from our apps.

If you are currently using the app, it is imperative that you update to the latest version to make sure the app continues to function properly.

Call to Action! We have made multiple contacts with representatives at Google and remain hopeful that they will be able to work something out for our apps, but we need your help as well. Currently, we have very few ratings in the app store, so it appears that our customers are not engaged with our product. By the testimonials that we receive from you via email, we know that just isn't the case. So if you have the time, please leave your testimonial in the app store so we can show Google what a powerful tool this is for our community!

Warning: Before you install the update, share your user points of interest with your email; otherwise, they will be deleted from the app. You can then click on the attachment of the email on your phone to import them into the new version.

As always, make the most of your phone's portable convenient functionality by using it in conjunction with Sendero Maps on the PC, on the Apex or on the Braille Sense to explore and familiarize yourself with an area. Find the iPhone apps in the App Store and the other Sendero GPS products

New Features

  • Multiple bug fixes for the LookAround mode, specifically fixed announcements while the screen is locked.
  • Removed Google Places POI source.


Use the following links to purchase The Seeing Eye GPS™ app in iTunes, The Seeing Eye GPS™ XT app in iTunes, RNIB Navigator app in iTunes, or Guide Dogs NSW/ACT app in iTunes.

The subscription products are free to download, but when you launch for the first time you will be prompted to select one month free trial or a subscription plan for either one year or one month.

Product Support

There is no telephone technical support for Sendero iPhone apps so use the Frequently Asked Questions section to address most items. Send suggestions or questions not addressed by the FAQs to .

There is a link to the updated version 3.3 Seeing Eye GPS™ manual from inside the program. You can also find the User Guide on the Sendero Website