Announcing the release of Sendero GPS version 22 products!

Rancho Cordova, California, March 20, 2018

Sendero GPS 22 is thus named to celebrate 22 releases since we introduced accessible maps and GPS. Over the lifetime of Sendero GPS we have had many adventures – some of you might remember Sendero’s WayFun trips and various scavenger hunts at conferences. If you are interested in taking a trip down memory lane, please visit our travel blog to revisit those adventures.

All great adventures are also bound to have at least one challenge, and the journey of Sendero GPS is no different. Over this time we have had to convince many of the value of accessible GPS, negotiate low cost map contracts and even in the very early days there was the threat of the government reinstating selective availability.

Over the years we have experienced no compatibility issues with the map conversion software, which has been discontinued for years. However, in 2017, even though we added new features we also experienced some map compatibility issues where maps are unable to create routes through certain areas and in some places hundreds of duplicate POIs. The Sendero GPS 22 release fixes all those compatibility issues on all the Sendero GPS products, Sendero PC Maps and GPS, BrailleNote and BrailleSense.

Customers who are experiencing map or POI issues with the 2017 release can contact Sendero Group directly at to request a free upgrade to the current release. All other upgrades, no matter which version you have, will be only $22, a fraction of previous upgrade pricing.

Note that 2016 maps for KeyMaps are the last available maps as HumanWare will not be updating KeySoft.

Updates to all products are best managed from your Sendero Maps software on the Windows PC, which comes free with new BrailleNote GPS or Sense Nav GPS purchases. This is by far the easiest way to upgrade as well as an excellent tool to use in conjunction with your PDA or mobile device such as Seeing Eye GPS for the iPhone. For more information, visit Sendero PC Maps and GPS webpage

Upgrade Details

For those who have a free upgrade available, your upgrade is eagerly awaiting you at

Visit the following links for more information about purchasing the upgrade for your GPS version.
About Sense Navigation version 22 upgrade
About BrailleNote version 22 upgrade
About Sendero PC Maps and GPS version 22 upgrade.

Upgrade Tutorials

See the following links for tutorials with specifics on using Sendero Maps to upgrade.

BrailleNote Apex customers can listen to the Using Sendero Maps to upgrade your BrailleNote's Sendero GPS tutorial.

Braille Sense customers can listen to the Using Sendero Maps to upgrade your Sense product's Sense Navigation tutorial.

Product Support

For problems with accounts or passwords, call your respective manufacturer. For technical support, please read the support documentation before contacting your manufacturer for assistance.