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GPS License Transfer Guidelines and Prices

There are at least four types of software transfer situations.

  1. A user may wish to transfer GPS software from a VoiceNote to a BrailleNote or Voice Sense to Braille Sense for example. The original user must be the same. The standard fee for this transfer is $30 and can be done through Sendero or by any of its GPS dealers. The fee is waved if the new hardware is purchased through Sendero as in the case of an mPower to Apex or Voice Sense to Braille Sense OnHand upgrade.
  2. License transfers of Talks, Mobile Speak or Mobile Geo to new phones must be handled with the dealer from which those products were purchased. There is a transfer fee depending on what products are transferred and if a bundle needs to be split.
  3. To move your GPS software from BrailleNote to BrailleSense or visa versa, you must contact Sendero directly for special handling, the price is $198.
  4. For transfers of Sendero GPS or Sense Navigation from one user to another user, there is a $100 fee. This entitles the new user to a single-user license of the software and maps and up to one hour of support from Sendero. Users wishing to sell their Sendero GPS or Sense Navigation software must either pay the transfer fee or inform the new purchaser of the fee. The software will not be changed to the new user's name until the new license is authorized.

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