Sendero GPS Educational Site License

, $3,999

Includes: up to 5 serialized GPS software licenses, five 16 GB compact flash cards, 1 GPS receiver, tech support access for one person, free online courseware from California School for the Blind.


  1. This license entitles each authorized BrailleNote site license user to utilize the Sendero GPS with maps in the Virtual mode at any time without the GPS receiver.
  2. Additional commercial GPS receivers cannot be purchased and used with the BrailleNotes using this license or the terms of this license are violated. See Item 5 for the means to add a receiver.
  3. One GPS receiver may be shared among the 5 BrailleNote users. In other words, the receiver can travel with the teacher from unit to unit.
  4. An additional Sendero GPS license and Sendero receiver may be purchased at any time for $999.
  5. Support to the site license holder is provided by the dealer from whom the license was purchased.
  6. If any of the units authorized under this site license are sold or otherwise transferred from the organization, Sendero should be informed and the GPS software will be removed from those units.
  7. The primary contact person for this site license must print, sign and return this document to Sendero Group to acknowledge the terms and requirements of this GPS Site License. If the primary contact changes, Sendero should be informed of the new person, who should in turn sign this site license acknowledgement. Fax is okay.

Name, phone and email of primary site license contact?

Name of organization hosting the site license?

Complete address and phone of organization?

Serial numbers and models of the BrailleNote units to be authorized under this license?

Thank you for respecting the terms of this site license. It is based on the honor system and your support of these terms will ensure continuation of this offering for others.


Michael May, President


Signature of Primary site license contact: