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PeopleFinder Lite App

How many times have you been in a public place only to find a friend was there at the same time. This is particularly important if the users cannot see.

PeopleFinder Lite is in iTunes Store

PeopleFinder Lite uses Bluetooth signals, available in nearly every mobile device, to alert you of other PeopleFinder users within 30 to 100 feet. You choose if you want to be found or not. When you are alerted of other users in the vicinity, you have the option to text or call them.

Social Networking applications may indicate that a friend is in the same building but they do not have the close proximity capabilities to close the final gap so you can find each other.

PeopleFinder Lite app screen shots, from left to right: About Screen, People Nearby Screen, Settings Screen

For full instructions on how to use this app, see the User Guide

This is our first version and we expect to make improvements as users give us feedback. Please email your suggestions to

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