Sendero GPS 2015 Changes

1.    Updated 2015 maps and POIs.


Sendero GPS 2014 Changes

2.    Updated 2014 maps and POIs.

3.    Support U2 Mini


Changes to Sense Navigation V2013.3 for the Sense Notetakers from V2013.2


April 9, 2013


1.  Minor updated documentation.


March 27, 2013


1.    Lookaround events could announce prematurely before the system has an updated GPS location.

2.    Improved Nearest and Next Intersection ahead descriptions.



March 12, 2013


1.    Improved accuracy with Route total distance calculation


Changes to Sense Navigation V2013 for the Sense Notetakers from V2012.7

February 21, 2013

Sendero GPS 2013 Changes

4.    Some stability improvements.

5.     Updated maps and POIs.

6.     Better handling of LookAround intersection announcements when on highways.

7.    Speed increase when searching for and expanding POIs.


Changes from Sense Navigation V2012 for the Sense notetakers to V2012.7

November 06, 2012

Sense Navigation 2012.7 Changes

8.    Some stability improvements.

9.    Updated EZ and XL documentation

10.                    When switching between EZ and XL modes the online documentation is switched to reflect the currently active product.  Select help then Sense Navigation from the main program menu. 


Changes from Sense Navigation V2012 to V2012.5

August 17, 2012

Sense Navigation 2012.5 Changes

There are 7 changes as well as programming improvements under the hood from Sense Navigation 2012 to version 2012.5

1.    A new EZ mode that simplifies the commands and options.  Press O then X to switch between XL and EZ modes.

2.    Pressing SPACE now gives a summary of your current location, such as nearest intersection, nearest address and GPS status.

3.    The Redo last command has been moved from SPACE to ENTER.

4.    Time to start the program has been improved.

5.     Users must agree to the license agreement after installation. 

6.    GPS Replay now will restart automatically once it finishes.

7.    Number of minor improvements with regards to editing and sharing of user POIs.


Changes from Sense Navigation V2011 to V2012

June 29, 2012

There are 7 major changes as well as programming improvements under the hood from Sense Navigation 2011 to version 2012.

  1. New 2012 Maps and POIs
  2. When switching map folders you are presented with a list of maps instead of having to browse to another folder.  If the automatic detection fails, the option to browse to another map is still available.
  3. If no maps are detected on startup you will be presented with a list of maps the system can automatically detect.  If detection isn’t successful you will be prompted for the map location.
  4. Personal user files, User generated POIs, and favorites have been removed from the maps folder and are now contained in a shared POIs folder.  This allows you to switch between different map regions and still have access to your personal Points of interest, the user submitted POIs and personal favorites without having to copy those files into each map region.
  5. Enhanced integration between Sendero Maps for the PC and the Sense Navigation version. Among several items, when synchronizing with SenderoMaps 2012 your map license key can be imported.  You will not need to type in the license key again.  The same is true if you purchase a new map bundle.  Synchronizing the map will also synchronize the new license key.

6.     Fixed an issue on the Braille Sense Onhand, Voice Sense QWERTY and U2 where the internal compass was always being used regardless of the setting.  This effected approaching turn and turn now events.

  1. Added support for the U2.


Changes from Sense Navigation V2010 to V2011


Version 2011 (Initial Release May 31, 2011)


There are 8 major changes as well as programming improvements under the hood from Sense Navigation 2010 to version 2011.

1.    New 2011 Maps and POIs.

2.    Side of Street tracking with cross street functionality.

3.    Improved Virtual Navigation including better descriptions for over and under passes.

4.    Addition of freeway exit numbers and which city the freeway is heading towards: for intersections, lookaround intersections and route following.  Example: “ramp to CA-85 SB. Exit 1A, towards Gilroy”.

5.    Ability to describe any intersection with the “annotate intersection” feature.

6.    When you set a virtual position, the intersection on your left and right is announced.

7.    While acquiring GPS satellites, you will get the message searching for satellites and the number found.  For example: “Searching for satellites, 2 found.”  This is especially handy for slower receivers.

8.    The sensegps.key file is no longer required for authorization.  You will type in your Sendero license key when prompted.  You no longer need to have the sensegps.key file located on each external media card you use.  Your Sendero License Key can be obtained from and log in with your MAC address (without spaces) of your Sense note taker.. Your MAC address is located in the information section of help.  From the program menu, press H for help, then scroll to information or press I.