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Sense Navigation BT Hot-Key Quick Reference Guide

This file lists all available hot keys and quick keys in Sense Navigation (SenseNav). Please note: Most functions of SenseNav can be accessed from its program menu which is opened with F2. For best flexibility most of the hot keys have one or two alternatives, however they are not listed here. Because some hot keys fall into multiple categories, they may be listed more than once.

Program menu, prompts, and dialog box movement commands

Move to previous menu/item: UP arrow or SPACE-DOT-1

Move to next menu/item: DOWN arrow or SPACE-DOT-4

Move to previous control: SPACE-F3 or SPACE-DOTS-1-2

Move to next control: F3 or SPACE-DOTS-4-5

Toggle an option: SPACE

Escape or close a menu, prompt or dialog box: F4 or SPACE-E

Close SenseNav: SPACE-Z, ENTER

Informational commands (Live or Virtual mode)

Nearest address: A

Current street: DOTS-3-4

Current city: C

Current city state/province and zip code: BACKSPACE-C

Nearest intersection: X

Next intersection (when a heading is established): DOTS-4-5-6

Detailed description of nearest intersection: SPACE-X

Detailed description of next intersection (when a heading is established): SPACE-DOTS-4-6

Nearest intersection (dialog box): ENTER-X

Next intersection (dialog box): ENTER-DOTS-4-5-6

Location information (dialog box): ENTER-I

Heading compass and degrees: H or DOT-5

Latitude and longitude coordinates: Y

Altitude: Z

Current navigation mode (live or virtual): SPACE-I

Live GPS navigation commands

Toggle to Live navigation: V

Speed: S or DOT-2

GPS estimated accuracy and number of satellites: G

Quality and detailed GPS accuracy: Q

Distance between virtual and GPS positions: I

Force GPS heading: BACKSPACE-H

GPS date and time: U

Set Sense notetaker time to GPS time: SPACE-U, F3, ENTER

Start/stop recording GPS replay: SPACE-Q

Pause/resume GPS replay: BACKSPACE-Q

Write annotation to GPS REPLAY: W

GPS status (dialog box): ENTER-G

Synchronize GPS and virtual position: ENTER-V

GPS receiver selection (dialog box): BACKSPACE-G or O, G

Reconnect GPS receiver: ENTER-R

Virtual navigation commands

Toggle to Virtual navigation: V

Set virtual position by address: SPACE-S

Set virtual position to address, POI, or waypoint from inside a dialog box: BACKSPACE-V

Set both virtual position and destination to address, POI, or waypoint from inside a dialog box: ENTER-B

Set virtual position to latitude and longitude coordinates: SPACE-Y

Set virtual position to live GPS position: ENTER-V

Distance between virtual and GPS positions: I

Move forward 1 intersection: DOTS-2-3-5-6

Move backward 1 intersection: SPACE-2-3-5-6

Turn to next street on left: DOTS-2-3

Turn to next street on right: DOTS-5-6

Point of interest (POI) commands

Display name of nearest POI: P or DOT-3

Display details of nearest POI (dialog box): SPACE-P or SPACE-DOT-4

Play media associated with nearest POI: ENTER-DOT-6

Quick find of POI in all categories and directions: F or DOT-4

Simple POI find by name specifying a category in all directions: SPACE-F

Advance POI find by specifying a category, distance, direction, or a specific field: BACKSPACE-F

Find nearest user defined POIs: BACKSPACE-P

Add New User POI from your current position: SPACE-DOT-3

Add new user POI from address search: SPACE-S

Add new user POI from address or waypoint inside a dialog box: ENTER-P

Add new user POI from latitude and longitude coordinates: SPACE-Y

User POI manager: ENTER-P

Modify current POI from inside a POI list: SPACE-M

Delete current POI from inside a POI list: SPACE-D

Route commands

Create pedestrian (walking) route from address, POI, favorites, intersection annotation list, or history dialog box: ENTER-W

Create vehicle (driving) route from address, POI, favorites, intersection annotation list, or history dialog box: ENTER-D

Add waypoint from address, POI, favorites, intersection annotation list, or history dialog box: BACKSPACE-W

Create pedestrian route after setting a destination: R, P

Create vehicle route after setting a destination: R, V

Create manual route: R, N

Create route from a GPS replay: R, F

Load saved route from file: R, O

Save route to file: R, S

Export route directions to text file: R, X

Close current route: R, C

Recalculate route: BACKSPACE-DOT-3 or R, E

Reverse manual route: R, R

Percent of route completed and ETA: DOTS-1-4-6

Next turn or road transition: BACKSPACE-DOTS-2-3 or T

Current waypoint: K

Nearest waypoint: N

Detailed next turn information (dialog box): ENTER-T

Detailed nearest waypoint information (dialog box): ENTER-N

Route status (dialog box): R, I

Add current position as waypoint (dialog box): SPACE-K

List of turns (dialog box): BACKSPACE-I

List of waypoints (dialog box): BACKSPACE-W

Route announcement menu: R, A

Route distance and ETA from current position to explore waypoint: R, A, G

Total route distance: R, A, D

Route distance from beginning of route to current position: R, A, B

Route distance and ETA from current position to end of the route: R, A, E

Route management menu: R, M

Add current POI as a waypoint: R, M, P

Route settings menu: R, T

Set auto increment waypoint: R, T, A

Set force sequential mode: R, T, F

Set waypoint mode (turns only or all): R, T, M

Set waypoint numbering: R, T, N

Set auto recalculate route: R, T, R

Pedestrian turn preference: R, T, X

Vehicle turn preference: R, T, U

Vehicle route mode: R, T, B

Highways preference: R, T, H

Toll road preference: R, T, T

Roundabout preference: R, T, O

Lookaround preference: R, T, L

Set auto close route at destination: R, T, C

Explore route to next waypoint: SPACE-DOT-5

Explore route to previous waypoint: SPACE-DOT-2

Explore route to next turn: SPACE-DOTS-5-6

Explore route to previous turn: SPACE-DOTS-2-3

Destination commands

Heading and distance to destination: DOT-6 or D

Destination information (dialog box): BACKSPACE-D

Set destination by address: SPACE-S

Set destination to address, POI, or waypoint from inside a dialog box: ENTER-E

Set both virtual position and destination to address, POI, or waypoint from inside a dialog box: ENTER-B

Set DESTINATION to latitude and longitude coordinates: SPACE-Y

Set current position as destination: ENTER-E

Lookaround commands

Lookaround options menu: ENTER-M

Master lookaround on/off: ENTER-M, L

Intersections on/off: ENTER-M, X

Commercial POIs on/off: ENTER-M, P

User POIs on/off: ENTER-M, U

Street changes on/off: ENTER-M, S

City changes on/off: ENTER-M, C

Zip code changes on/off: ENTER-M, Z

Map changes on/off: ENTER-M, M

Annotation on/off: ENTER-M, A

Speed alert on/off: ENTER-M, E

Include tags in lookaround POIs: ENTER-M, T

Include distance and direction in lookaround POIs: ENTER-M, N

Choose lookaround POI category: ENTER-M, G

Choose lookaround POI sub-category: ENTER-M, B

Lookaround direction: ENTER-M, D

Set max speed for lookaround intersection: ENTER-M, I

Multiple repeat commands

Multiple repeat menu: M

Turn off all multiple repeat commands: M, M

Set multiple repeat interval: M, I

Trigger all enabled multiple repeat announcements: BACKSPACE-A

Intersection: M, X

Detailed intersection: M, N

Heading: M, H

Destination: M, D

Route current waypoint: M, K

Route next turn: M, T

Route ETA: M, E

Speed: M, S

GPS status: M, G

City: M, C

Nearest address: M, A

Current POI: M, P

Altitude: M, Z

Latitude and longitude: M, Y

Distance between GPS and virtual: M, V

Distance traveled: M, B

Percent of route completed: M, R

Configuration and Option commands

Configuration (dialog box): BACKSPACE-O

Lookaround options (dialog box): BACKSPACE-L

Route options (dialog box): BACKSPACE-R

Multiple commands (dialog box): BACKSPACE-M

Sounds (dialog box): BACKSPACE-S

Option commands: O

Map and POI folder: ENTER-O or O, O

Virtual Side of Street tracking: O, I

Heading mode: O, H

Street name mode: O, N

Units: O, U

Lat/Lon mode: O, L

Automatically synchronize GPS to virtual position: O, Y

Verbose prompts: O, V

Automatically synchronize with GPS time: O, Z

Use internal compass (Braille Sense Onhand: O, C

Arrival distance: O, D

Near threshold: O, T

POI author name: O, A

speed alert: O, E

User definable POI: O, P

GPS receiver selection: O, G

Sounds menu: O, S

Restore to factory defaults: O, R

Turn on/off all sounds: O, S, S

Destination arrival sound: O, S, D

Virtual arrival sound: O, S, A

Turn now sound: O, S, T

Heading in wrong direction sound: O, S, E

Continue straight sound: O, S, C

Off route warning sound: O, S, O

recalculating pedestrian route sound: O, S, P

Recalculating vehicle route sound: O, S, V

Approaching turn sound: O, S, R

City sound: O, S, Y

Street sound: O, S, K

Map sound: O, S, M

Intersection sound: O, S, I

Annotation sound: O, S, N

Speed alert sound: O, S, L

GPS startup sound: O, S, G

Miscellaneous commands

GPS/Virtual distance traveled: B

Reset GPS/Virtual distance traveled: ENTER-B

Favorites list: ENTER-F

Add to favorites from address, POI, waypoint, or history dialog box: ENTER-F

History list: ENTER-H

Activate the Previous button from location or POI search dialog box: BACKSPACE-P

Lock or unlock the keyboard: ENTER-L

Repeat last command: SPACE

Repeat last spoken message: L

Copy currently displayed information to the clipboard: ENTER-C

Interrupt speech, BACKSPACE-ENTER

Install new License: F2, F, L

Map information (dialog box): F2, I, M

Custom dictionary: F2, T, D

Cross the Street: Dots 3-6

Intersection Annotation List: ENTER-A

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