Sense Navigation Installation Quick Start Guide


Installing Sense Navigation Instructions


As of version 7 of the Sense firmware Sense Navigation is no longer installed in the firmware of the Sense Notetaker.


If you are currently a registered SenderoMaps 2012 user, see the SenderoMaps Manual’s section on using the check for updates feature to download maps to your computer.  Also see the section on synchronizing to card or remote device.  Using SenderoMaps to install makes the process much easier as installers, license keys maps and POIs are automatically placed in the proper place.


Follow the below instructions to install Sense Navigation without the use of SenderoMaps.

In order to upgrade or purchase, Sendero or your local dealer will need the following information.

1.    Your Sense Notetaker’s serial number. If you don’t know the serial number already, this can be located on the bottom of your note-taker.  It is in print and in Braille.

2.    Your Sense note-taker’s MAC address.  To obtain this information go to the program menu, press H for help, then scroll to information or press I.  If your Notetaker has two MAC addresses we need the first one.

Once your account has been set up to download your product and maps follow the below steps: 

1.    Go to and login with your User Id and password.  Note: your User Id is no longer your serial number.  Instead it is your device’s MAC address.  Your MAC address is located in the information section of help.  From the program menu, press H for help, then scroll to information or press I. 

2.    Download the or file depending on your language.  Other languages will be forth coming in the near future.  Make a note of your Sendero License Key while logged into your account as you will need this in Step 8.

3.    You can also download the 2012 maps and POIs for your state, province or country.  Download and unzip the maps to the Maps folder of your storage card.

4.    Using a USB cable, connect your Sense Notetaker to your computer and unzip the installer zip file to the root of your flash disk.  If you go into file manager you should see a folder called “Sense Navigation”
 on your flash disk.  You can also just unzip the  or UK version zip file on your PC then copy the “Sense Navigation” folder contained within the zip file to the root of your Notetaker’s flash disk.

5.    Disconnect the USB cable from the Sense Notetaker. 

6.    Revive the Sense Notetaker by pressing and holding the forward media key and pressing the reset button.  Keep the forward media key held down until you hear the musical chime.  Note: the forward media key is to the left of the power switch.

7.    Press V or scroll to Sense Navigation and press ENTER.  The installation process will start.  When prompted press the reset button one more time. 

a.     If the installation does not start either you didn’t unzip and put the “Sense Navigation” folder on the root of your Flash Disk correctly in Step 3, or you still have your USB cable connected to your computer which you should have removed in Step 4.

b.    If that is not the problem maybe you didn’t get a complete download in Step 2.  Make sure the file size of the zip file matches what the website says is the file size,

8.    After you have performed the normal reset as per the installation instructions and the system has restarted press the V key to start Sense Navigation 2012.

9.    If this is your first time installing Sense Navigation, you will be prompted for your license key.  Your Sendero License Key is located in your account at

Note: You will need to reinstall Sense Navigation if your battery goes flat or you have removed your battery because it is not in the firmware.  It is recommended to leave the Sense Navigation folder on your flash disk, in this way all you will need to do is press V to start the Sense Navigation installation after the revive.