Sendero Maps Dictate Command Summary

The following commands can be spoken by the user to obtain speech feedback within Sendero PC Maps. First you can read the function, followed by its corresponding keystroke, then the equivalent voice command noted by quotations around the command.

Navigation Commands

The following commands apply on the primary navigation screen and in dialog boxes.

Next item: Tab, "Next control"

Previous item: SHIFT with TAB, "Previous control"

Move forward several controls: TAB multiple times, "Move through X controls," where X will be the number that you want to move forward, you can pick any number between 1 and 20.

Move back through several controls: SHIFT with TAB multiple times, "Move back X controls," where X will be the number that you want to move forward, you can pick any number between 1 and 20.

Where Am I Commands

Nearest Address: A, "Nearest address"

City Information: C, "City information"

Nearest Intersection: X, "Nearest intersection"

Detailed Description of Intersection: ALT-X, "Detailed description"

Where Am I Information: SPACE, "Where am I"

Heading: H, "Speak Heading"

GPS Commands: if available

GPS menu: ALT-G, "Get GPS"

Speed: S, "Get Speed"

Approximate GPS Distance-Accuracy, and Number of Satellites: G, "Get Satellites"

Reconnect to Bluetooth GPS Receiver: G, "Get Satellites"

Multiple Repeat Options: M, "Multiple repeat"

LookAround Options: ALT-M, "Look around"

Altitude: Z, "Speak Altitude"

Set Virtual to GPS: CONTROL-G, "Virtual to GPS"

Start or Stop GPS Replay: ALT-G then P, "Toggle Replay"

Start or Stop Recording GPS Replay: ALT-G, then R, "Toggle Recording"

GPS Receiver Setup: ALT-G, then G, "Receiver setup"

Explore Commands

Switch between GPS and Explore Modes if available: V, "Toggle mode"

Lookup an Address: ALT-S, "Address Lookup"

Move Forward One Intersection: I, "Next intersection"

Turn Left: J, "Turn left"

Turn Right: L, "Turn right"

Move Backward One Intersection: K, "Previous intersection"

Cross the street: U, "Cross the street"

Other Actions on Current Position: CTRL-D, "Position Actions"

Destination Commands

Heading and Distance to Destination: D, "How Far To Go"

Clear Destination: ALT-F, then D, "Clear Destination"

Points of Interest Commands

Nearest POI: P, "Nearest Point"

Find Nearest POIs: F, "Find Points"

Advanced POI Find: CTRL-F, "Advanced Find"

Find My POIs: CTRL-M, "My Points"

Route Commands

Route Information: R, "Speak Route"

Next Turn in Route: T, "Upcoming Turn"

Move Forward One Turn: I, "Next Turn"

Move Backward One Turn: K, "Previous Turn"

Move Forward One Waypoint: L, "Next Waypoint"

Move Backward One Waypoint: J, "Previous Waypoint"

Route Options: ALT-T, then R, "Route Options"

Create Vehicular Route: ALT-R, A then V, "Create Vehicle Route"

Create Pedestrian Route: ALT-R, A then P, "Create Pedestrian Route"

Open Route: CTRL-O, "Open Route"

Save Route: CTRL-S, "Save Route"

Print Route: CTRL-P, "Print Route"

Close Route: CTRL-C, "Close Route"

Reverse Route: ALT-R, then R. "Reverse Route"

Route Progress: %, "Route Progress"

Miscellaneous Commands

Zoom Out: PAGE UP, "Zoom Out"

Zoom in: PAGE DOWN, "Zoom In"

Zoom to show full route: HOME, "Show Full Route"

Odometer: O, "Get Odometer"

Exit Program: ALT-F4, "Close program"

Sendero Maps Help: ALT H, "Get Help"