Sendero Maps Command Summary

Description and Command

Where am I Commands

Nearest Address: A

Current City Information: C

Nearest Intersection: X

Detailed Description of Intersection: ALT-X

Where Am I Information: SPACE

Heading: H

GPS Commands: if available

GPS menu: ALT-G

Speed: S

Approximate GPS Distance-Accuracy, and Number of Satellites: G

Reconnect to Bluetooth GPS Receiver: G

Multiple Repeat Options: M

LookAround Options: ALT-M

Altitude: Z

Set Virtual to GPS: CONTROL-G

Start or Stop GPS Replay: ALT-G then P

Start or Stop Recording GPS Replay: ALT-G, then R

GPS Receiver Setup: ALT-G, then G

Explore Commands

Switch between GPS and Explore Modes if available: V

Lookup an Address: ALT-S

Move Forward One Intersection: I

Turn Left: J

Turn Right: L

Move Backward One Intersection: K

Cross the street: U

Move to Next POI: Shift-I

Move Back to Previous POI: Shift-K

Turn Toward POI on Left: Shift-J

Turn Toward POI on Right: Shift-L

Enter POI: Enter or Shift-E

Other Actions on Current Position: CTRL-D

Destination Commands

Heading and Distance to Destination: D

Clear Destination: ALT-F, then D

Points of Interest Commands

Nearest POI: P

Find Nearest POIs: F

Advanced POI Find: CTRL-F

Find My POIs: CTRL-M

Route Commands

Route Information: R

Next Turn in Route: T

Move Forward One Turn: I

Move Backward One Turn: K

Move Forward One Waypoint: L

Move Backward One Waypoint: J

Route Options: ALT-T, then R

Create Vehicular Route: ALT-R, A then V

Create Pedestrian Route: ALT-R, A then P

Open Route: CTRL-O

Save Route: CTRL-S

Print Route: CTRL-P

Close Route: CTRL-C

Reverse Route: ALT-R, then R

Route Progress: %

Miscellaneous Commands

Zoom Out: PAGE UP

Zoom in: PAGE DOWN

Zoom to show full route: HOME

Odometer: O

Exit Program: ALT-F4


About Sendero Maps: ALT H, then A

Sendero Maps Command Summary: F1

Exit Sendero Maps: ALT-F, then X