Global Access Information Navigator (GAIN)

This project develops a Global Access Information Navigator (GAIN) system to collect, enhance, and share location-based information to empower a person with a disability with the relevant information about their surroundings. Individuals with disabilities may use their accessible GPS device equipped with the developed GAIN software or the web interface to access real-time travel information such as transit stop locations, schedules, fares, and routes. Additionally, spatial layout descriptions including locations of audible signal lights, wheelchair ramps, accessible ticket machines, talking ATMs, stairs/elevators, and restrooms are included. The project outcomes go beyond reducing physical barriers in public transportation by providing their locations to people with disabilities so they can "GAIN" independent access to a variety of services.

Project Goals

  1. Collect transit data and evaluate existing trip planning technologies
  2. Develop GAIN software
  3. Develop a web interface
  4. Collect user generated content via GAIN software and web interface

Key Personnel

Michael May, Principal Investigator

Charles LaPierre, CTO

Ivo Pletikosic has been working with Sendero's CTO for almost a decade as a software engineer.

Bibiana McHugh is the IT Manager of GIS and Location-Based Services at TriMet in Portland

Gil Lutz Staff Tester

Chris Grabowski Staff Tester