Accessible Environmental Information Application for Individuals with Visual Impairments

This project is developing a scalable Accessible Environmental Information Application (AEI) with seamless outdoor to indoor navigation and a unified beacon database for people with visual disabilities. This application provides indoor orientation information to assist and navigating indoor public spaces including malls, airports, conference venues and baseball stadiums. This project is expanding existing outdoor navigation systems with this AEI that provides orientation and location information indoors where GPS is unavailable.

Project Goals

  1. Evaluate the leading indoor navigation techniques to assess synergistic technological capabilities
  2. Continue development of the AEI application to incorporate Phase 1 feedback and refine interface
  3. Incorporate additional third party beacon databases
  4. Create an open source beacon sharing standard and database
  5. Analyze the success of the developed application in real world situations

Key Personnel

Paul Ponchillia, Principal Investigator

Sheri Harding Project Manager and Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Casey CEO Sendero Group

Charles LaPierre, CTO

Michael May, Advisor

Chris Grabowski, Staff Tester

Sarper Sılaoğlu LoudSteps Boni

Ilkka Pirttimaa BlindSquare Developer

Bernd Gruber President

David Helms Radius Networks

David Young Radius Networks, WikiBeacons developer

Anil Lewis, MPA, Executive Director, NFB Jernigan Institute

Bryan Bashin CEO LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco