Announcing the release of version 3.7 of Aira's iPhone GPS apps:

July 10, 2019

Our iPhone GPS apps continue to evolve with new features and improvements thanks to Aira Tech Corp.

Warning: Before you install the update, share your user points of interest with your email; otherwise, they will be deleted from the app. You can then click on the attachment of the email on your phone to import them into the new version.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Added a Call Aira Agent button on the location and active route screens. The Aira app can connect you with a trained professional agent to provide instant access to visual information. This can be especially helpful in situations if you have become disoriented while on route or where GPS can't assist, such as locating the front door, the elevator, or products in a store.
  • Added POI category: Aira Access Points. You can search nearby POIs that have Aira's free service Access Points.
  • Aira Access Point automatic detection and notification. Now when you approach one of Aira's free Access Points, you will receive a notification. If you already have the Aira app installed on your phone and activate that notification, it will automatically load so that you can call an Aira agent. If you do not have the Aira app installed, you will be redirected to the App Store to download the Aira app. After creating a guest account, you will enjoy free assistance from the Aira agents at locations with Aira Access Points. If you find that you do not want these notifications, you can turn this off in General Settings under the heading Notifications.
  • Fixed issues with User POI keyboard and headset button controls.
  • Updated Google Maps SDK


Use the following links to purchase The Seeing Eye GPS™ app in iTunes, RNIB Navigator app in iTunes, or Guide Dogs NSW/ACT app in iTunes.

The subscription products are free to download, but when you launch for the first time you will be prompted to select one month free trial or a subscription plan for 30-days.

Product Support

There is no telephone technical support for Sendero iPhone apps so use the Frequently Asked Questions section to address most items. Send suggestions or questions not addressed by the FAQs to .

There is a link to the updated version 3.7 Seeing Eye GPS™ manual from inside the program. You can also find the User Guide on the Sendero Website