Custom Sounds

Starting with Sendero GPS version 4.0, you can replace the default sounds with custom sounds. Try some of the following and send us your own sounds to add to this user sounds sharing section.

Installing custom sounds for Sendero GPS:

  1. Download the sound you wish to install, by right clicking the file you want to download and selecting Save.
  2. Rename that sound with the name of the default sound you wish to overwrite.
  3. Make sure the GPS program is closed. Copy the file into the Flash Disk GPS Sounds sub directory. If the sound copies properly, you will be asked if you wish to copy over a file of the same name already in the directory. Say yes to overwrite the default file with the custom sound file. Note: To switch a BT unit from folders to directory mode, press Space T when you are prompted for the folder to use. You can also use slashes, dots 34 on the BT to type in the full path of the GPS Sounds directory with a Slash before the GPS and a slash between the GPS and Sounds.
  4. Go to the GPS Options to see if the sounds are indeed working. If you decide you wish to reset to the factory default sounds, just reinstall the software.
Note: After you have installed custom sounds and wish to install GPS software, you will be asked whether you wish to use the default file or to keep the custom sounds you installed.

How to record a sound:
The sounds must have a .wav file extension. They shouldn't be too long or complicated. They must have the same name as one of the sounds in the GPS Sounds folder on the Flash disk of your BrailleNote.