There is Always a Way
"It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive."

Mike's Seeing Eye Dogs

Mike May's story is not complete without the amazing dogs that guide him on his worldwide adventures. Since August 1973, he has had the privilege of having Seeing Eye dogs as part of his life. Here they are, from the most recent to the first. Each has a unique personality, strengths and weaknesses. All have been unequivocally dedicated, loving and hard working.

Jonquil, female Golden Retriever, February class 2017, February 15, 2017 to current

Jonquil, Golden with hints of amber, soft silky hair, petite Golden retriever

Tanker, male German Shepard, February class 2011, February 24, 2011 to November 16, 2016

Tanker, dark, black and tan, rather tall Shepherd with some darker tan on his face
Mike and Tanker
Tanker with the Disney dogs, Pluto and Goofy

Miguel, male Golden Retriever Lab cross, May class 2005, November 26, 2002 to January 3, 2011

Miguel sitting tall with his tongue out at the edge of a dock at Fallen Leaf Lake
Mike and Miguel playing frisbee
Miguel relaxing on stage while Mike gives a presentation

Josh, male Golden Retriever, August class of 1993, December 1991 to November 2002

Mike and Josh at a picnic table
Josh sleeping in the doorway of Mike's home office

Utah, male black German Shepherd, class of 1985

images coming soon

Rickie, male long-haired German Shepherd, class of 1982

Mike and Rickie at the peak of Mount Huyanapicho Peru
Mike, his ski guide Ron and dog Rickie at the Olympics

Totie, female German Shepherd, August class of 1973

Mike and Totie in Ghana